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Complications Consultants
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Complications Consultants

Jan 16 2023 | 00:12:46

Episode 12 January 16, 2023 00:12:46

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Dawn Cross

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Happy New Year! 

This week we're kicking off 2023 with an interview with our new partner, Holly Clark, CEO of Complications Consultants. We're discussing their consulting service and how it can benefit you, the practitioner when you have a question or complication at work. 

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So I'd like to start off, could you introduce yourself for us? Yeah, my name is Holly Clark, and I am the CEO of Founder of the Complications Consultant. I've also got another company called Cosmetic London, which is aesthetic. Dawn: That's amazing. I was wanting to know as well, what's your, what's your background like? What made you come into starting this second company as well? So my background is actually in Dentistry. Um, I studied dentistry at Dundee University and graduated there when I was 26. I did, um, aesthetics alongside dentistry for, I dunno, a number of years. Um, but very, very quickly I realized that the demand was, was quite high, um, especially from, from a medical injecting point of view. Um, so yeah, so my, my, my set company grew quite exponentially very quickly. Um, so slowly, slowly I was cutting down a day and then cutting down another half day. And then, so eventually I was just, didn't do dentistry anymore. Um, I'm still registered with the gc, so, um, yeah, I've still got that in place mainly for the peace of mind of my perspective clients, um, and legitimacy of staff as well. Um, but yeah, and then through lockdown and I think a lot of people had the view to kind of wanna change things up a little bit, maybe start something different. My main thing for me, which I like to do, In my personal time is travel. Um, I wanted to try and find a way in which I could steal, um, money and travel at the same time. Um, And I felt that there was a real gap in the market, um, for supporting less experienced injectors. I was getting a lot of work come through with for corrections of people that had clients that had gone to less experienced injectors, whether that be a less experienced nurse injects are medic injector, dentist injector, or whether it be aian, a lay person. There wasn't really. Much differentiation between the two. Um, and I was correcting a lot of work and I just thought, okay, this is fine. You know, I'm happy to do it. Um, and you know, main thing being sort of making sure that the client is safe and happy, however, It's not really educating people on how to best deal with these issues, and that's what I wanted to do. So the fact that I wanted to be able to earn remotely and actually I felt very passionate about. Bringing something new to the industry that is quite clearly lacking, tied in really, really nicely. So thank you . Think Covid, although it's been a very terrible time, has actually created a lot of good out of it for a lot of people. So it's good, you know, so that everybody's managed to. Literally see the silver lining in a very, very, very big cloud . Yeah, it was huge , very huge. Brilliant. So obviously you spoke about, uh, a bit more about what the company is about. Could you explain to me what the actual service for anyone is listening? Use me be not sure. Yeah, of course. So, um, the service is a remote service. Um, it works with all of the consent. All of the consultants are medical, um, years experience in, you know, Constant experience as well, not just sort of dipping, dipping in and out, um, with injected with injectables, aesthetic injectables, so Botox fillers and fats, things like that. Um, and we, we run a support line. So you have any, Prospective members, for example, would have a direct line where they can contact a medical aesthetician immediately. So from dialing that call, as soon as they get through to speak to someone, the person that they're gonna be speaking to is someone that can offer them immediate assistance. It's not gonna have to, you know, no one's gonna have to wait for anything. Um, obviously, With the nature of what we do, the likelihood is we're gonna need to see clinical photos and things like that. They'll be also be given email addresses. They can contact via WhatsApp. However, the initial first point of contact will be through a direct support telephone night number. Um, and then from that we can articulate whether we need to get photos or more evidence. We need all of that can be sort of resolved as the phone call progresses. Um, it usually will run eight till eight, so 8:00 AM in the morning till 8:00 PM for general inquiries. It can be stuff. You know, stuff to prevent a complication from happening. It doesn't always have to be the fact that, oh, you know, something really horrendous has happened. Um, but it's just, it's just to prevent a complication from happening as well. Even something as small as I can't remember what gauge needle to use, what canula should I be using for this, this treatment. It can be something really quite minor as that. If we feel it's gonna prevent a complication, it's worth a phone call. Um, and there's nothing like this available at the moment, so I feel it's really, really important. Um, After. After these sort of opening hours though, around eight till eight, if there is a more time critical complication such as a vascular occlusion, um, or a suspected vascular occlusion, there will be someone monitoring that phone on call twenty four seven. Wow. That sounds amazing. And like said, there is definitely a gap for it. Cause I don't think anyone has even uh, thought about this really. It's actually quite interesting as well, just to help. Give that extra cushion to practitioners who may feel a bit uncomfortable or just wanna double check with someone, but obviously maybe doesn't have a friend or, you know, they work alone and they don't really, can their parents speak to someone quickly about it. They can always just drop a phone call. Yeah, exactly. And I think, you know, the academies are, well, most of the academies, you know, they're okay in the sense that they all do offer a follow up service to their delegates. However, the academy owners and the academies or trainers, they're all busy people. So I know from, from my own experience when I first qualified, um, eight years ago, I would send, you know, emails for second opinions. It was never anything massively , unfortunately. Um, but I would sometimes have to wait a week, wait a week to two weeks for a reply, and it's just not. It's just not productive to general day to day practice. So, um, and if you need assistance, you need it now, you know, you don't wanna have to wait for it. You know, if you've got a client for example, and they have an extensive medical history and they're on a long list of medications and you dunno whether it's safe to treat them, you could potentially lose that client forever. If you don't have the answers to that question, they can literally just excuse themselves from that consultation. And just give us a call and reel off the medications and we can say, Yes, it's fine. No, get consultants clearance. You know, there's, there's lots of things that we can do to support them. So, um, yeah, I think it's, it's, it's, it's really, really, really good service. That's really good. Um, so I think my next question is, um, what, what's your kind of your, your goals for this service? Like, what would you, what is your end result you'd like to achieve? I think end result, I would like to, I would like the accept by the holders and in the interest that it's also really nice for that to feel supported, so to know. It would just give them that extra little bit of confidence to go into their working day. Um, and yeah, I mean, I mean the, the highest sort of importance is gonna be placed on public safety. That's it. That's, that's the main aim and the main goal of the service that we're offering to make the feel and in skill and the delivery of their service, but also to make sure that the client feels safe in that, in the hands of, of that inject. Definitely. That's really amazing and I'm really glad to hear the, basically you've just got everyone's best interests at heart as well. You know, it's not just a Yeah, exactly. A scheme is essentially just to kind of help bridge that gap to help people feel more confident. Yeah, exactly. And I think it's really Worthing that there is, there is a massive divide within the industry of, um, Medic and non-med injectors. Um, you know, whether that's right or wrong, the fact of the matter is non injectors are allowed to work within this industry. And so, in my opinion and the opinion of the consultants that work under my umbrella, why not try and make it as safe as possible? And there's absolutely no judgment given to. Anyone that uses our service, anyone at all? There's no criticism. There's no judgment. If there's criticism, it would always be constructive. We're never, ever gonna, anyone or anyone feel lesser person. Um, the main aim is make the industry moment. No, definitely. Uh, is there anything else you'd like to add about your new company or, uh, you know, little self selfless little plug? Yeah, I think the, uh, The main thing really moving forward is definitely public education. Um, if you are a client, look out for our logo, um, because anyone that's registered with the publications consultant will have, um, a membership, you know, number, and we will be giving them logos and branding so they can put that all over the social media. So from a. You know that they're working as ethically and as safely as they possibly can. So from a client's perspective, definitely have a lookout for that. Um, and from an perspective, if you're not sure, or you just wanna have a chat with one of us to find out what our service is like, then we're on social media with our, you know, our web address. Um, and we, we are here to. Everyone. So, um, so yeah, that, that, that's all really . No, absolutely fine. Thank you so much for coming on today. Lovely. Thank you.

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